Employee of the Month

Each Month the University honors a Mason employee with the Employee of the Month Award. The candidates are nominated by a supervisor or co-worker and the winners are selected by a committee. The award program is coordinated through Human Resources and Payroll’s Reward and Recognition Department, however, a Staff Senator sits of the selection committee and the Senate honors each winner with a gift.

Do you have an employee in your department who deserves to be nominated for Employee of the Month? Do you know how to submit a nomination? Details can be found on the HR webpage:

2015 Winners

December 2015,

November 2015,Kelley Shillingburg, Fiscal Manager, Mason Enterprise Center

October 2015, Gregg Black, Fire Safety Coordinator, Mason’s Environmental Health and Safety Office

September 2015, Samira Lloyd, Program Coordinator, The Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research (OSCAR)

August 2015, Debbie Weitzman-Ward, Executive Assistant/Office Manager with the Science and Technology Campus Executive Office

July 2015, Deborah Hutton, Department Manager for the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science (GGS)

June 2015, Sherry Lamanna, security officer for the Police and Public Safety Department on George Mason’s Science and Technology Campus

May 2015, Robert Sparkman, fiscal technician for the Fiscal Administrative Systems Team (FAST) in George Mason University’s Fiscal Services.

April 2015, Amanda Meiklejohn, Recreation Program Manager Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center

March 2015, Melvin Parada, Print Services Supervisor

February 2015, Shams Bahabib, Education Support Specialist in the Volgenau School of Engineering

January 2015, Barry Freese, Lead Virtualization and Storage Architect in the Information Technology Unit

2014 Winners

December 2014, Hermione Pickett, adult learning program coordinator in the Office of Undergraduate Education in the Office of the Provost

November 2014, Lindsey Lowenberg, Administrative and Program Specialist for the Office of Distance Education, and Mason Staff Senator

October 2014, Lisa Bair, Office Manager, Academic Advising and Transfer Center

September 2014, William David Gibson, Case Management Specialist, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

August 2014, Tricia Freiberg, Medical Assistant,  Student Health Services

July 2014, Kim Kalthoff, Assistant Director of Fiscal and Administrative Operations, College of Education and Human Development

June 2014, Janet Walker, Work/Life and Communications Coordinator Office of Human Resources and Payroll

May, 2014, Tabitha Wells, Office Coordinator, Center for International Student Access, Provost’s Office

April, 2014, Patrick Ledesma, Director, Events Management Arlington

March, 2014, Jay Patel, Grad Acaaemic Coordinator, Department of Promotion & Recruitment, English

February 2014, Nicole Roth, Mason Alumna, Staff Senator, and Graduate Coordinator,  Department of History and Art History

January 2014, Sharon Thomas, Senior Workforce Planning Consultant, Human Resources and Payroll

2013 Winners

December 2013, Pennie O’Brien, Enrollment Services Coordinator Office of the Registrar, Prince William Campus

November 2013, Jed Frye, Desktop Analyst, Advanced Desktop Technologies, TSD – Technology Support Services

October 2013: Diane Swain, Programs Admissions and Fiscal Management, English

September 2013: Karen Underwood, Assistant Director, Graduate Programs, Computational Social Science

August 2013: Adila Osman, Senior Fiscal Technician, Fiscal Services

July 2013: Lindsay Kenton, Communications and Program Support Specialist, Center for International Student Access

June 2013: Carol Bresnahan, Assistant to the Dean, College of Visual and Performing

May 2013: Suzy Wiedemann, Business/Project Manager, University Information

April 2013: Elizabeth Eck, Assistant Dean of Graduate Program Management, School of Public Policy

March 2013: Marilyn Clark, Office Manager, Honors College

February 2013: Rhonda Baumgartner, Applications Analyst, Office of Fiscal Services

January 2013: Talisha Mottinger, Budget Analyst, Office of Global and International Strategies