Staff Senate Members Document Repository

Governing Documents:

Constitution and By-laws reviewed 4.16.14

Resolutions 2015-2 through 11 Revised 10.2.14 (Presented at general meeting on 10.1.14. Includes revised language suggest at SS general meeting;  Discussion and voting to take place at November 2014 general meeting)


Procedural Documents:

Roberts Rules and Procedures at Mason Staff Senate Meetings

Confidentiality Agreement 10.1.14


Working Documents:

2013-15 Goals with Detail Rev 8.5.14

Staff Senate Supported Events


General Meeting Minutes:

SS Minutes 10.1.14 DRAFT (Do not distribute)


SS Roster August 2014 Final (updated 7.12.14)

SS Committee Membership August 2014 Final (updated 7.12.14)

Administrivia August 2014


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