Brett Spencer

Title: GIS Technician

Roles: , ,


Phone: 703-993-3597

Position Title: GIS Technician

Current Department: Facilities Archives

Joined Mason in: 2017

Loves Mason because I grew up in Northern Virginia and I’ve floated around Mason for years – as an intern while I was in High School, a Camp Counselor during my college summers, and as a fan at basketball games. I’m proud to work for a University that is rooted in my hometown, and has provided myself and others so many opportunities. Go Patriots!

Joined Staff Senate in: 2017

Joined Senate because I enjoy being an active member of my community. Joining the Staff Senate will provide me the opportunity to work on projects that have positive impacts on the Mason culture, and will benefit the lives of the people around me. I love meeting and working with new people, and the Staff Senate is the perfect place for me to get involved.