Erin Iacangelo Rogers

Position Title: Events Coordinator

Current Department: SciTech Campus Executive Office

Previous Departments I have Worked for: University Life and Center for the Arts and Hylton Performing Arts

Joined Mason as a student in Fall 2008 and started working for University Life in 2010. I came back in 2015 as the Events Coordinator.

Loves Mason because Mason provided everything I was looking for in a University at a location so close to home. It offers diversity and makes you feel like a part of the community and not just a number.

Joined Staff Senate in 2016

Joined Senate because after stepping into the position of Events Coordinator I thought this would be a great opportunity to network and build relationships with my fellow staff and campuses. Also, I work out of the Executive Office which oversees all of SciTech campus, this again would be another opportunity to represent the campus.

Erin currently serves on the Staff Senate Events Committee and as the Vice Chair of Staff Senate.