Jessica Adams

Title: Fiscal Training Manager

Roles: , , ,


Phone: 703-993-5966

Position Title: Fiscal Training Manager

Current Department: Fiscal Services

Joined Mason in 2011

I love Mason because it is more than a workplace, it’s a family.

Joined Staff Senate in: 2019

I joined the Staff Senate because I believe we all have a place here at Mason, no matter our title or place in the hierarchy. We all have something important to share, and experiences that make us an asset to the greater good of the University. With that in mind, I think we should celebrate our abilities and insights, and share these across positions, departments and campuses.  Not only that, I think sharing knowledge should be encouraged and rewarded.

Jessi currently serves on the Staff Senate Awards and Engagement Committee, the Staff Senate Executive Committee, and as the Treasurer of Staff Senate.