Lisa Bair

Position Title: HR and Admin Specialist

Current Department: Environmental Science and Policy

Previous Departments I have Worked for: Center for Academic Advising, Retention and Transitions

Joined Mason in 2011

I love Mason because it is one of the most diverse places I have ever been, I can hear four to five languages being spoken in a five minute walk around our beautiful campus. The students, faculty and staff are all here to one reason, and that is simply student success and we all work together every day to provide an environment for our students that will help them learn, enjoy, and always feel welcome to question and be safe in that endeavor. Mason is an awesome place to work, learn and grow for all students, faculty and most especially staff!!

Joined Staff Senate in 2011

Joined Senate because I was looking for a place to meet other staff members that wanted to make a difference for other employees that may have good, bad or just questions here at Mason. I embrace the way the senate listens, discusses and does our best to have the needs, questions and just simply try to make our voices heard as staff members on such a large campus.

Currently serves on the University’s Parking Appeals Committee, is Chair of the Awards Committee and serves on the Staff Senate Executive Committee! Most often, you can find Lisa presenting the Employee of the Month with their appreciation gift from the Staff Senate!