Preston Williams

Position Title: Presidential Communications Manager

Current Department: Strategic Communications

Joined Mason in 2013

Loves Mason because I admire the university’s dual ambition: To serve the many and not the few, while at the same time aspiring to become/remain one of the top research universities in the country. The easier path would be to do one or the other. The more challenging and impactful path is to do both.

Joined Staff Senate in 2017

Joined Senate because In conversations and at town hall-style events, I sometimes hear staff members say, in essence, that their commitment to Mason feels deeper than Mason’s commitment to them. That is less than ideal. I think there is a collective desire throughout Mason to support the lives and careers of staff members. I’d like to work with my fellow senators and others around the university to find ways to do just that.

Preston serves as a co-chair of the Communications Committee and the Staff Senate Executive Committee.