December 2015

Fall for Vogel Collection Fundraising Campaign

Polyptik in Yellow, Blue, Red, Green
Polyptik in Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Vogel Art Collection

The Hilde Vogel-Michalik Collection consists of over 2,200 paintings donated to Mason and housed at the SciTech campus. Many pieces are displayed throughout the university via the Internal Loan and the Adopt-a-Painting Programs.

Help support the collection by purchasing Vogel greeting cards. Each set has six cards depicting a different Vogel painting on the front; cards are blank inside for a personal message. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the cards ($10 plus tax) are used for the care and maintenance of the Vogel Collection.

Inquire about a card sales liaison for your campus/building, and order a set today. For questions, contact Donna Tressler at or 703-993-8355.