Carlos Sandoval

Title: Scalia Law School


Phone: 703-993-8261

Groups: Arlington Campus

Shams Bahabib

Title: Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science


Phone: 703-993-4850

Groups: Arlington Campus, Executive Committee, Communications Committee

Position Title: Office Manager

Current Department: Interdisciplinary Center for Economic Science

Joined Mason in 2010

I love Mason because Mason is like a second home. I came to Mason as a student and stayed around as staff.

Joined Staff Senate in 2019

I joined the Staff Senate because I want to connect with staff at the Arlington Campus and the rest of the university by being a representative and advocate.

Shams currently serves as a co-chair for the Staff Senate Communications Committee and is on the Staff Senate Executive Committee.

Jennifer Gantt

Title: Operations Manager, Arlington Campus Administration


Phone: 703-993-9153

Groups: Arlington Campus, Events Committee