Taylor Griffin

Title: School of Business

Email: tgriff12@gmu.edu

Phone: 703-993-6619

Groups: At-Large, Communications Committee

Position Title: Program Manager

Current Department: Executive Development

Joined Mason in 2021

I love Mason because there’s an atmosphere of anticipation and moral when I walk into every space. We have a collective mission as a university to be inclusive and provide quality education to all students, and everyone gives their best efforts towards that goal.

I joined Staff Senate in 2021

I joined Staff Senate because I value representing others who may not be able to do it themselves. I strive to make every environment I work in better each day for the people that work so hard to make Mason a home.

Hugh Laws Bayard Jr.

Title: Grants Administrator, Office of Sponsored Programs

Email: hbayard@gmu.edu

Phone: 703-993-2297

Groups: At-Large, Communications Committee

Position Title:  Grants Administrator

Current Department: The Office of Sponsored Programs

Joined Mason in 2019

I love Mason because I love being a part of one of the most critical aspects of the university’s purpose and mission – research of consequence.

Joined Staff Senate in 2021.

I serve on the Staff Senate for the opportunity to not only represent my peers but continue to learn about Mason and accomplishments across our campuses.

Hugh serves on the Communication Committee.


Lauren Clark Reuscher

Title: Office of Communications and Marketing

Email: lclarkg@gmu.edu

Phone: 703-993-8993

Groups: At-Large, Communications Committee

Position Title: Community Manager

Current Department: University Information, Office of Communications and Marketing

Previous departments where I have worked: College of Education and Human Development

Joined Mason in 2009

Loves Mason because the university offers so many educational and professional development opportunities for its staff.

Joined Staff Senate in 2014