Profile of a Senator April 2021

Meet Stacy D’Angelo: Staff Senator and Marketing Coordinator, Office of Communications and Marketing

Stacy D'Angelo, Staff SenateROLES: My role is to assist in the coordination, execution, and reporting on university-level marketing efforts, which often involves new tasks and responsibilities. For example, last summer I helped the Office of Continuing and Professional Education work toward its marketing goals. This past fall, I was the interim social media manager. (David Loughner is our new and amazing social media manager.) These opportunities strengthened my relationships with units throughout Mason while enhancing my goal to boost university-wide collaboration. One of my favorite duties is leading the monthly marketing group meeting. This provides an opportunity for university marketers to stay informed about the processes, tools, and changes that directly affect our success. The meeting is open to any staff member, so reach out if you’re interested.

COVID-19 TRANSITION: My transition was similar to many other parents out there. Overnight, my husband and I found ourselves working from home with our 3-year-old son. Our days were longer—beginning at dawn and often ending well into the night. As difficult as it was, I’m so thankful for all the extra memories we were able to make. My son returned to the Mason Child Development Center in September, where they have all been so incredible over the last year, and our schedules have returned (somewhat) to normal. Be sure to take time to thank the teachers and child care workers in your life. They are amazing!

BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT MASON: I have never worked where the work/life balance is as valued as it is here. Coming to Mason has been eye-opening to what can be possible when an employer values this aspect of its employees’ health.

UNIQUE FACT: I’m from Mars! (Pennsylvania)

SUSTAINABILITY: Happy Earth Month! I feel very strongly about doing my part to make sure our earth is beautiful for future generations. One of the reasons I joined the Staff Senate was to work sustainability into the conversation. With the recent development of the ad-hoc committee Environmental Justice and Sustainability, we are beginning to identify the issues to address and potential initiatives to involve the staff in contributing to the university’s commitment to a healthy planet. This Earth Month, I ask you to think about what little changes you can make in your daily lives to make a difference. “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne-Marie Bonneau, author and environmentalist.