General Meeting Minutes

Minutes from past Staff Senate general meetings are posted here.  Please note, minutes take about a month from the date of the meeting to be posted.




April-SS General Meeting Minutes 4.7.17 APPROVED

March-SS General Meeting Minutes 3.1.17 APPROVED

GMU Misc 1 Mar 17 1201 PM – Staff Senate from GMU – Collaborative Video Tech on Vimeo.

February-SS General Meeting Minutes 2.1.17 APPROVED


December-SS General Meeting Minutes 12.7.16 APPROVED / SS December Speaker Notes

November-SS General Meeting Minutes 11.2.16 APPROVED

October-SS General Meeting Minutes 10.5.16 APPROVED

September-SS General Meeting Minutes 9.2.16 APPROVED

June-SS Meeting Minutes 6.1.16 APPROVED

May-SS Meeting Minutes 5.11.16 APPROVED

April-SS Meeting Minutes 4.6.16 APPROVED
Facilities Update from Cathy Pinskey

March-Spring Into Town Hall

February- SS Meeting Minutes 2.3.16 APPROVED


December- SS Meeting Minutes 12.2.15 APPROVED


November-SS Meeting Minutes 11.4.15 APPROVED

GMU Misc 4 Nov 15 1202 PM – Staff Senate from GMU – Collaborative Video Tech on Vimeo.

INTO Mason Contact Sheet

October-SS Meeting Minutes 10.7.15 APPROVED

September-SS Meeting Minutes 9.2.15 APPROVED

June-Meeting Minutes 6.3.15 APPROVED

May-Meeting Minutes 5.6.15 APPROVED

April-SS Minutes 4.1.15 APPROVED

Videorecording of Guest Speakers:  Dr. S. David Wu, Provost, George Mason University and Dr. Ángel Cabrera, President, George Mason University

March- SS Minutes 3.4.15 APPROVED

Videorecording of Guest Speakers:  Connie Benson, Director
of Recreation, Mason Recreation; Amanda
Recreation Program Manager and Camp Director, Freedom Center; and Alyssa
Williams, George Mason Athletics

Handouts: MasonRecreationHandout; Freedom Center Video; QuickRefBudget2015

February-SS Minutes 2.4.15 APPROVED


December-SS Minutes12.3.14 APPROVED

November–SS Minutes 11.5.14 APPROVED

October–SS Minutes 10.1.14 APPROVED

September–SS Minutes 9.5.14 APPROVED

August–SS Minutes 8.6.14 APPROVED

June–SS Minutes 6.4.14 APPROVED

May–SS Minutes 5.7.14 APPROVED

Videorecording of guest speakers can be found here

Volunteering at Mason Staff Senate Presentation[1]

April–SS Minutes 4.2.14 APPROVED

March–SS Minutes 3.5.14 APPROVED

February–SS Minutes 2.5.14 Approved (videorecording of guest speakers can be found here)

January–No General Meeting


December–SS Minutes 12.4.13 APPROVED

November–SS Minutes 11.6.13 Approved

October–SS Minutes 10.2.13 Approved

September–SS Minutes 9.4.13 Approved

August–SS Minutes 8.6.13 Approved

July–No Meeting

June–SS Minutes 6.4.13 Approved

Staff Senate Presentation 6.4.13–Presentation by Danielle Wyman from the Office of Sustainability

May–SS Minutes 5.7.13 Approved

April–SS Minutes 4.2.13 Approved

March–SS Minutes 3.5.13 Approved

February–SS Minutes 2.5.13 Approved

January–SS Minutes 1.8.13 Approved



November–SS Minutes 11.6.12 Approved

October–SS Minutes 10.3.12 Approved


August–SS Minutes 8.7.12 Approved

July–No Meeting

June–SS Minutes 6.5.12 Approved

May–SS Minutes 5.1.12

April–SS Minutes 4.3.12

March–SS Minutes 3.6.12 Approved

February–SS Minutes 2.7.12 Approved

January–No Meeting


December–SS Minutes 12.6.11 Approved

November–SS Minutes 11.1.11

October–SS Minutes 10.4.11

September–SS Minutes 9.6.11 Approved

August–GMU Staff Senate Meeting Minutes August 2011

July–No Meeting






January–No Meeting