Kathy Stewart

Title: Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (SMSC)

Email: kstewa21@gmu.edu

Groups: At-Large, Events Committee

Position Title: Administrative & Office Specialist III- Fiscal Technician

Current Department: Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation (SMSC)

Joined Mason in 2014

I am a Mason alumna and love working at SMSC, an absolutely beautiful campus at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and an extension of the National Zoo. SMSC is a “domestic” semester abroad, and we have amazing students, faculty and staff. I can’t say enough that is positive about the program.

I joined Staff Senate in 2020 during infamous COVID-19.

I joined the Staff Senate because I’ve followed its advocacy and look forward to contributing to its mission, while expanding my network of colleagues outside the regional campus.

Kathy currently serves on the Staff Senate Events Committee.