August 2014

Senator Highligh: Megan Kirk

Megan Kirk, Vice Chair, Staff Senate | Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University
Senator Highlight: Megan Kirk
HR Consultant, Human Resources and Payroll
Vice Chair, Staff Senate

I began working at Mason in 2010 and am currently enrolled in the MPA program. To be honest, what initially brought me to Mason was the tuition waiver benefit so that I could continue my education in pursuit of a Master’s degree. However, what keeps me at Mason is an infinitely longer list. I first took a position as an HR Assistant at Mason and started taking classes toward a Master’s degree in Sociology. It didn’t take me long to recognize how truly lucky I was to find a job I enjoyed and a work environment that is both fun and challenging. As an added bonus, I also have thoughtful, encouraging, and intelligent coworkers and supervisors. I embraced this career path and I am now an HR Consultant in pursuit of a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in HR.

I joined the Staff Senate in 2012 to be more involved in the Mason community and learn about Mason from different perspectives. The Staff Senate is comprised of Staff members across all campuses, colleges, and departments and it is interesting to learn about what they do and the challenges they face in their jobs. I currently serve as Vice-Chair for the Staff Senate and sit on the Outreach and Education committee.

Outside of my life at Mason, I spend much of my time with my dog.  I just adopted a  miniature schnauzer with one blue eye and one brown eye from Lost Dog and Cat Rescue.  He’s shy, but very curious and playful.  I’m always looking for the perfect toy for him, but he will ultimately ignore it as he prefers chewing my socks instead.