October 2014

Senator Highlight: Lindsey Lowenberg

Lindsey Lowenberg
Lindsey Lowenberg Program and Administrative Specialist Office of Distance Education

It may sound cheesy, but one of the main reasons I came to the Fairfax area is because of the weather. Being from New Orleans, the seasons I’m used to are hot and really hot. I love walking around campus during the different times of year and enjoying the seasons. Prior to coming to Mason I taught high school English. I thought my work in education was done until I landed at Mason!

I joined the Staff Senate in 2012 so I could get out and meet people. I joke that my boss keeps me chained to my desk, but that is just the nature of distance education. Staff Senate gives me an opportunity to mingle with folks from all departments around campus. I also get to meet the new staff members arriving to Mason at the bi-weekly HR orientation. Presenting at the New Staff Orientation is my opportunity to tell people why I like working at Mason and encourage folks to use Staff Senate as a venue for those who need an advocate in the workplace.

The Staff Senate committee that I serve on and chair is the Education and Outreach Committee. This committee focuses on communication strategies for Staff Senate, identifying guest speakers for monthly meetings, and reviewing the Staff Senate’s website and brochure. My work on this committee has allowed me to take part in larger university groups including the website audit project, Mason branding focus groups, and the University Communicator’s group.

While I love the work that I do at Mason, I remember that I work to live, not live to work. When I’m not at Mason, I am visiting a new Korean market, catching up on reading, or going to the dog park. People who know me find it ironic that I have a dog as my work space is littered with cat memes. When I retire, I am going to be a cat lady!