September 2016

Collaborative Video Technologies Upgrades at SciTech Campus

Collaborative Video Technologies (CVT) recently upgraded the videoconferencing equipment in Colgan Hall, Room 221 at the SciTech Campus. The user experience is improved in a variety of ways:

  • Two additional monitors allow users to see the other remote locations and content (such as PowerPoint presentations or shared documents) in full screen.
  • The room can now accommodate up to 10 participants
  • Colgan Hall, Room 221 is now the first high-definition videoconferencing space with camera tracking. The camera tracks and focuses on whoever is speaking in the room and allows a more seamless and immersive experience.

This room has been a popular space at SciTech for staff meetings that cross multiple Mason campuses, Human Resources and Payroll training sessions, interviewing remote candidates, and university-wide town halls. Students and faculty have also used this room for research collaboration, dissertation defenses, and classes taught between SciTech and Fairfax, as well as with other universities.

For more information about Colgan Hall, Room 221, other videoconferencing spaces, or to find out how to schedule space for meetings or classes, email