December 2019

Parking and Transportation Updates: December 2019

Can-structionFood Drive: Parking and Transportation

Would you like to help someone in need? Parking Services is collecting food donations at the Parking Services Offices at the Arlington, Fairfax, and SciTech Campuses through December 18 at noon.

Make a donation of food items or certain toiletries and reduce the cost of your parking ticket by up to $20 for one ticket and up to $60 for a maximum of three citations. Or, if you prefer, use the $20 credit toward a permit upgrade.

Donations benefit the Patriot Pantry.

For important details, including the donation/credit framework, visit the website.

Mason Shuttles and Winter Break

Winter Break brings some major changes to the Mason Shuttle schedules. Details are posted here.

If you have any questions, contact 703-993-2828 or

Winter Break Regional Transportation

Transportation from Mason to New York City, Richmond, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, and other cities is available for Winter Break.

For details on destinations, departures, pricing, and to book a seat, click here.

Shared Mobility Scooter Pilot Underway

Photo by Ron Aira/Creative Services/George Mason University

Mason has begun a scooter pilot on the Fairfax Campus. The pilot will run concurrently with the pilot underway in the City of Fairfax through June 30, 2020.

The City’s pilot includes Bird, Lime, and Spin scooters. Currently, Mason has Bird scooters on campus, to be followed by Lime and Spin when they are ready.

Given the timing and the winter weather that will be coming soon, Spin and Lime could be joining as late as spring 2020.

Safety and accessibility for all Mason community members is paramount. Parking and Transportation has employed student Scooter Ambassadors to help people find the corrals and help ensure that scooters are not blocking sidewalks, doorways, etc.

Please also feel empowered to move a scooter to the nearest grassy area yourself if it is blocking access or is a trip hazard. You can also report hazards directly to the vendors (in this case, Bird). You can use the contact information below or download their app to report a scooter.


When scooting, be mindful of where you leave your scooter on-campus or off. Leave your scooter in a designated corral on campus and, no matter where you go, never leave a scooter on a sidewalk or anywhere where it can be a tripping hazard or mobility issue for others.

For additional important information, including where you can ride and the location of scooter corrals on campus, visit the shared mobility page.

If you have any questions, contact Parking and Transportation at or 703-993-2828.