August 2015

2015 Outstanding Supervisor Award Nomination Period Now Open

The Outstanding Supervisor Award, sponsored by the Mason Staff Senate, recognizes supervisors who most closely meet the criteria in each category. The winner is selected based on her or his ability to:

  • Promote collegiality in the department
  • Be receptive to employee ideas and engage them in the department and/or university goals
  • Promote and model a positive work-life balance
  • Acknowledge exemplary performance
  • Be fair in acknowledging exemplary performance
  • Encourage professional growth of classified or non-student wage employees
  • Support the work of classified and non-student wage earners
  • Support innovation in the department
  • Model leadership skills


  • A supervisor may be of any employment category (e.g., faculty, administrative, professional, classified, etc.) but he or she must supervise classified and/or non-student wage earners
  • Supervisor must be employed at Mason at the time of nomination
  • Nominators must report directly to the nominated supervisor
  • Nominations must be submitted by classified or non-student wage earners
  • There may be more than one nominator on each nomination form
  • Only three nomination forms will be accepted for each nominee. The first three nomination forms received will be reviewed by the committee. Additional nominations will be discarded.
  • All identifying information is redacted before the nominations are reviewed by the selection committee
  • Nominations received after the due date will not be considered
  • Forms must be submitted electronically as a Word document (not PDF) with the nominee’s name in the file name
  • Nomination forms are to be emailed to
  • Nominations will be accepted between Monday, August 3, and Monday, August 31, 2015.

Download the Outstanding Supervisor Award Nomination Form 2015.

The winner will be officially recognized during the Outstanding Achievement Awards ceremony on November 3 at 10 a.m. in Dewberry Hall.

Questions may be directed to Amanda Corrigan, Staff Senate, at 703-993-4141 or