Outstanding Supervisor Award

Jean-Pierre Auffret and Peggy Aldrich selected as 2013 Outstanding Supervisors

From a ballot of 18 candidates, Jean-Pierre (JP) Auffret, Director of Executive Degree Programs in the School of Management, and Peggy Aldrich, Associate Registrar at Prince William, were chosen as this year’s recipients of the Outstanding Supervisor Award.

JPAuffretWhen writing about JP, one nominator wrote: “He encourages his staff to think for themselves and to reach beyond what they thought themselves capable of”. He engages staff in “the department’s goal and objectives by giving them projects they can ‘own’.”

Stephanie Payton, Chair, Staff Senate, paying JP Auffret, Director, Executive Programs, School of Management, a surprise visit to share the good news!



Peggy AldrichPeggy’s management style is equally impressive.  A nominator notes that she “is always open to new suggestions.  This allows us to effectively do our jobs and not to be afraid to speak our minds or offer up new ways of operating our office.”   Another commented: “She shows true concern for all of us fortunate enough to part of her staff, and she can be a wise advisor as well as a soft shoulder.”

This year’s slate of nominees truly exemplifies the Mason spirit.  Every supervisor nominated was noteworthy for various reasons, but common to all was their ability to go above and beyond positions descriptions—their own and those of their staff—to be their best, to inspire, and to make the department’s vision a shared one.

Peggy Aldrich, Associate Registrar, Prince William, accepting her Outstanding Supervisor Award.

Please join us in congratulating all the nominees:

Steve Broadus
Colette Brooks
Marquita Chamblee
Barbara Clark
Joyce French
J. Goodlett McDaniel
Eilieen Kennedy
Annie Lonettie
PJ Maddox
Carrie McVicker
Amanda Meiklejohn
Jade Perez
Melanie Pflugshaupt
Patrick Quinn
Better Zimmerman

Save the date for the Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony:  October 16, 2013 at 10:00 am.

 Outstanding Supervisor Award

Have a staff supervisor you feel deserves some recognition for their service to the university? Nominate him or her for the Outstanding Supervisor Award, sponsored by the Mason Staff Senate.  This award recognizes supervisors who most closely embody the attributes listed below:

      • to create a pleasant and productive work environment;
      • to listen to suggestions and ideas;
      • to make employees feel valued;
      • to reward superior performance;
      • to be fair and flexible;
      • to encourage professional growth;
      • to advocate for their staff; and
      • to provide a sense of vision for the department.

The Outstanding Supervisor Award nomination form is available here. Completed forms will be accepted during the month of August, with two winners chosen in September for October’s Achievement Awards Ceremony. During the nomination period, forms may be submitted electronically to staffsenate@gmu.edu.


  • A supervisor may be of any employment category (e.g., faculty, administrative, professional, classified, etc.) but he or she must supervise classified and/or non student wage earners.
  • Nominators must report directly to the nominated supervisor.  The person who signs the evaluation is the official supervisor.
  • Nominations must be submitted by classified or non-student wage earners.
  • There may be more than one nominator on each nomination form.
  • Only three nomination forms will be accepted for each nominee. The first three nominations received will be reviewed by the committee.  Additional nominations will be discarded.
  • To make your nomination form as strong as possible, give concrete examples of how your supervisor excelled.

Example:  Ms. Supervisor allowed flexible hours when needed.

Stronger: When my child was ill, Ms. Supervisor allowed me to work hours at home and at times other than normal working hours in order that I both tend to my child and keep up with my workload without taking leave hours.

  • The limit is 150 words for each category box.  Any words after the sentence in which the word count was reached will be deleted.
  • All identifying information is redacted.
  • Nominations received after the due date will not be considered.
  • Forms must be submitted electronically to staffsenate@gmu.edu.
  • The 2014  nominations will be accepted during the month of August 2014.