July 2020

Guidance from Parking and Transportation

Reminder: Complimentary Permit Option Available Until Aug. 15

For those without parking permits, there is a daily, downloadable and free option available on all three campuses through Aug. 15. For details, visit

Additionally, a reminder to faculty and staff who have payroll deducted permits: Deduction will not start again until Sept. 1. For those faculty, staff, and students who have spring permits, the expiration has been extended through Aug. 15.

If you have any questions, reach out to Parking and Transportation at

Parking permit and fee update for those teleworking during fall 2020:

An official plan has not been finalized, but if employees do not want to be charged for parking or have a payroll deduction permit, they will need to return their permits, in-person or via mail.

If you need to visit campus occasionally, there are daily parking options as low as $3/day at the Field House (Fairfax), $9 for general lots, and hourly parking in the garages. There may be some other options as well for weekly and monthly permits for general lots. If staff have purchased a semester permit, there is a prorated refund schedule if they want to turn in their permit.