VGEA Information Session

The mission of the Virginia Governmental Employees Association (VGEA), a voluntary, non-partisan organization, is to give a voice to active and retired State employee concerns and to advocate for solutions that promote individual dignity, equitable compensation, professionalism and safe working conditions. One of the more recent achievements of the VGEA is the Base Pay Increase for State Employees. The VGEA won the first real base pay increase in six years for state employees in 2013 with a 2% market pay boost. The same percentage increase was awarded in 2015 across the board. In 2016, the General Assembly and Governor approved a 3% salary increase, however it was contingent on revenues. They failed to reach projections and increases were canceled. In 2017, the VGEA fought hard for a non-contingent pay raise and won a 3% across-the-board salary increase given on July 10, 2017. You can find more achievements on their website

One of their many 2018 legislative priorities include putting state employee pay considerations first in the executive budget development process versus discretionary spending. More of their priorities are also included on their website.

The Staff Senate has been engaged with VGEA for a number of years. Stacey Remick-Simkins, a founding member of the Mason Staff Senate, has been a long standing member of VGEA and currently serves on the VGEA Board of Directors and VGEA Legislative Committee. Stacey provided a brief introduction of the VGEA at the Staff Senate September General Meeting.

Teresa Craig , Membership Development Director for VGEA, and J. Lynwood Butner, lobbyist for VGEA, provided more information regarding member benefits, the 2019 Legislative priorities, and ways we can partner with President Cabrera to be effective activists for Classified Staff  interests, such as employee compensation, health benefits, and retirement benefits.

VGEA Town Hall – Staff Senate – Oct 31 18 100 PM from GMU – Collaborative Video Tech on Vimeo.