Lesley Irminger

Position Title: Event Coordinator, External Events and Jointly Presented Events (Contract Manager for University Events)

Current Department:  University Events, Office of Communication and Marketing

Previous Departments:  Center for the Arts, College of Visual and Performing Arts – Scheduling and Contracts Coordinator

Joined Mason in 2010, Graduate School (2008-2010)

I love Mason because of our motto “Innovation is Tradition.” Mason fosters both individuality and diversity.  Due to this, each member of the Mason community has an opportunity to grow outside of their work position and everyone’s strengths lie within not only our communal goal, but our diversity.

Joined Staff Senate in 2020

I joined Staff Senate because after being at Mason for 10 years I decided it was time to help all of our staff not only have a individual voice on campus, but a collective voice.  I want to be part of a group that foster’s community, involvement, and appreciation for our staff.  Mason’s staff to me is the “heart” of Mason and each voice is important and should be heard. My hope in serving, I can serve as a voice for our staff to ensure that the staff’s role is valued just as much as our student and faculty voice.

Lesley is currently serving as a co-chair on the Staff Senate Events Committee and on the Executive Committee.