Staff Senate General Meeting Format

Our Staff Senate monthly general meetings are comprised of a guest speaker and a senate business meeting. Our meetings are open to all employees regardless of classification. Our meetings take place the first Wednesday of each month, except for January and July.  Look for any amendments to this schedule in our Staff Senate Newsletter sent on the second Wednesday of each month.

Join our monthly meetings on Zoom:
Passcode: SS123

Microphones remain muted/Video is Turned Off: To make sure only one person is speaking at a time, and so everyone can hear, your microphones will remain muted during the session.  In Zoom webinar attendee video is turned off.  (See constituent time below where we welcome questions and comments from the floor).

Sample Agenda:
Guest Speaker*

Call to Order  

Announcements: For any senate-related or general announcements from senators to the group 

New Business: New action items or resolutions to be brought before the Staff Senate (i.e. creation of a working group or request for additional budget funds).  All agenda item requests must be submitted to the Staff Senate at least a week before the date of our general meeting. 

Old Business: Unfinished action items 

Roundtable: Items from senators that should be considered for a future agenda 

Constituent Time: The floor is open to all attendees for comments and questions. 


*Our guest speaker portion may take place before or after our general meeting. Guest speaker formats and ways to engage with the speakers will vary; this may include pre-submitted questions, using a link in the Zoom chat to submit your question or comment, or using the Zoom chat directly to engage with the speaker.

Constituent Time: 

  1. During constituent time, the chat in Zoom will be available for constituents to submit questions and comments to “All Panelists”.  If you would like to remain anonymous, please use option 
  2. At any point duringbefore, or after the meeting, you can submit comments, concerns, or questions to be addressed outside of the meeting 

Voting Matters

Based on our governance and bylaws, only senators can participate in making motions and voting during our meetings. 

Recorded Sessions:

Only our guest speaker session is recorded.  The link to the recording will be published with any related follow up information in the same month’s Staff Senate Newsletter.  The newsletter is typically published 7 days after our general meeting and will be sent via email to all classified staff and non-student wage employees.  There will also be a link posted on 

Thank you! 

Thank you for your continued engagement and support of the Staff Senate.  Our work is accomplished through open and continuous communication with our constituents