March 2019

Financial Well-Being Support

Image result for w-2 clipartW-2 Help

Need help deciphering your W-2? Human Resources and Payroll offers several W-2 resources, including:

If you need further assistance, contact the W-2 Hotline at 703-993-2311 or at

Compensatory Leave Reminder

Have you earned compensatory leave? Make sure you are aware of the compensatory leave limits and expirations. Compensatory leave is earned by classified staff on an hour-for-hour basis when an employee works:

  • On a holiday
  • When the university is officially partially or fully closed
  • On a scheduled day off

Limits and Expiration:

  • Employees are limited to 96 hours of accrued compensatory leave
  • Per State Policy 3.10, accrued compensatory leave expires one year from the pay period in which the hours are accrued, regardless of the 96-hour limit
  • Compensatory leave may not be used once hours expire or lapse and cannot be paid out upon an employee’s change of status

You can review your leave balance by visiting the Patriot Web “Employee Services” tab and selecting “Leave Balances and History.” If you have questions, email

Monthly Discount Highlight

The Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) employee discount page is always being updated with limited time offers. Check it regularly for discounts you receive as a state employee!