July 2017

From Our Friends in HR

Social Well-Being: Mason Kids Club

Wondering what to do with your school-age child between the ages of 6-11 once camp ends and school hasn’t started? Sign up for Mason Kids Club, managed by the George Mason University Child Development Center, from August 14-August 25. Two one-week sessions will be offered with fun, hands-on activities and engaging campus field trips. For details and registration, please visit .  If you have any questions, please call the Child Development Center at 703.993.5960.

Career Well-Being: Non-Exempt Employees Can Choose Leave or Pay for Their Overtime Hours

Effective August 1 , non-exempt employees (i.e. overtime eligible for all hours over 40 worked in a week) can initiate or change their election regarding how their overtime is to be handled by the Payroll Department. All non-exempt employees have the option of being paid for their overtime (which is the default) or to accumulate their overtime as leave.

If a non-exempt employee has made an election in the past and does not want to change their election, they do not have to do anything. If they want to continue to receive pay for any overtime earned, they also do not have to complete a form.  However, if the non-exempt employee would like to change their election from receiving pay to receiving leave or receiving leave to receiving pay, please ask him or her to complete an Overtime Leave Agreement Form and submit it to the Payroll Department no later than Friday, September 8.

Unfortunately this deadline is firm and we cannot accept forms after that date.

Please remember that an election commits the employee to their choice for one year until the next open enrollment period. This means that if the non-exempt employee elects leave accumulation he or she will receive leave and not pay for any overtime worked during the next academic year.

Please contact Catalina Wheat at 3.2751 if you have any questions.

Career Well-Being Compressed Schedules and the Holidays

If you or a member of your team is using the compressed schedule flexible work option, you may have questions on how to handle the upcoming summer holidays.  Please visit for details.  If you have any questions, please call 3.2600 and ask for a member of the Life/Work Connections team.

Financial Well-Being

Saving Money

Please check out the Life/Work Connections discount page at for some money-savings opportunities.  There are some terrific and timely summer savings opportunities out there from the Commonwealth’s Department of Human Resource Management.  You can also visit them directly at

Discount Opportunity: GlobalFit

There are some new offerings from GlobalFit.  It’s not just gym discounts anymore.  In addition to savings offers at over 9000 gyms, fitness centers, and studios nationwide, check out GlobalFit for group fitness on demand, exercise DVDs, or wearable fitness trackers.  They also have offers from Diet-to-Go, Nutrisystem and more.  Log in to the discount page and select “Athletics and the Arts” from “myDiscounts” on the left-side navigation or visit them directly at

Individual Retirement Counseling Sessions

Healthy finances are a cornerstone of your own personal well-being.  It’s always important to be saving for your longer term goals – retiring student debt, buying a car or home, saving for the kid’s or grandkid’s college education, and the big one ….. retirement.  No matter your age, retirement is one of everyone’s long term goals.  To help you with your plans, take advantage of on-campus individual retirement counseling sessions offered by TIAA, Fidelity, and ICMA-RC.  For dates and times, please visit

On-Line Webinars

Our in-person financial well-being sessions are on hiatus until the fall but there are still some fabulous opportunities to enhance your financial knowledge during the summer.  You don’t have to be a member of TIAA, Fidelity, or the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) to participate.  Check out:

  • TIAA: Several topics are available in July including a Quarterly Economic and Market Update (July 13) and All About IRAs (July 19).  Visit TIAA for details on all of the available sessions and to participate.  For the slate of all TIAA classes in July, August, and September, please visit the TIAA Calendar.
  • Fidelity: Two sessions are currently available – Financial Do’s and Don’ts of Divorce (on demand) and Role Reversal: Taking Care of Older Loved Ones (August 15 or 16).  Visit Fidelity for details and to participate.
  • Financial Well-Being Portal: Lots of resources are available on the Portal including webinars from the Virginia 529, the Virginia Retirement System (VRS), and more.