July 2018

Governor’s Updated Parental Leave Policy

Our new paid parental leave policy (Executive Order Number Twelve) authorizes paid parental leave for employees of executive branch state agencies.  The new benefit provides up to eight weeks of paid parental leave to enable employees to care for and bond with a newborn, or for a child under the age of eighteen (18) newly-placed for adoption, foster or custodial care.   The paid leave may be used in combination with other leave benefits and will apply to both parents if both are eligible state employees.

Research shows that paid time-off to bond with our children provides benefits for the children, their parents, and the parents’ employers. Introducing a new child into a family is a time of great joy, but can also be stressful.  We are hoping to alleviate some of that stress.

You can find more details on this new policy on the Department of Human Resource Management’s website at, with specific details available here.