Profile of a Senator May 2020

Meet Christina Frasson, Staff Senator and Videoconference Technology Specialist

Christina with her daughter, Ava.

My role on campus: I work for Enterprise Collaboration as the Videoconference Technology Specialist. In my role I have either managed or been involved in the deployment of our web conferencing and collaboration tools. Once deployed I help manage the administration and work to provide training materials and assistance. I also manage our videoconference spaces and have been working on a project to deploy a new telephony system in the upcoming year.

Live, learn, and teach: I grew up in the area and when I was younger I would come to Mason to watch women’s soccer games. I began as a transfer student at Mason the same semester we went to the Final Four (spring 2006) and was so lucky to experience that point in our history! I played club soccer for Mason and worked for Events Management (now University Events). My part-time job soon became full-time. In the last several years I have also completed my MA in Communication and an MA Certificate in Emergency Management and teach a section of Communication 100/101 each semester.

COVID-19 transition: This is definitely an interesting time for Mason as we have transitioned to working and teaching remotely. My department has played a huge role in this transition and it has been amazing to see the impact of our web conferencing and collaboration platforms. We went from having roughly 3,000 web conference sessions monthly to over 30,000! We’ve been working around the clock to help provide training and access to these resources. We have fast-tracked additional resources and solutions and have assisted in important events like the Town Hall and Admissions events.

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Mason is like family: Mason has been a second home for me. My colleagues have always been like one big extended family. Like many others, I have actual family here. My sister, Brittany Sanders, is graduate programs coordinator in the Department of Communication. And when I got married each of my bridesmaids were friends I made either as a student or employee at Mason!

I’ve grown so much over these last 14 years at Mason and I attribute much of that to the support I have received from my peers and the opportunities my supervisors have given me to advance my skill set.

Best thing about working at Mason: I’ve been able to embrace practically every role here (faculty, staff, student, alumna) and because of the nature of my employment at Mason I have been able to work with nearly every department in some capacity. This has made me better at my job and has kept every day new and interesting. I love being able to see the impact of our work throughout so many areas.

Why serve on Staff Senate: Everyone on the senate is passionate about making a difference and helping bridge the gap between Mason employees and the resources available to them. As senators we are empowered to take on highlighting or resolving issues we feel are important to the Mason community. I’ve seen the impact the senate has and its influence has grown over the years. I am so proud of the work we’ve accomplished.

At the end of the day: I am a proud mom to two amazing little girls, Ava (2) and our newest addition, Aubrey, born on May 5th. I often feel guilty when I work a little late. But then I remember I have so much to show for my time at Mason, from my undergraduate and graduate degrees, to the impact of my work, and the lasting friendships I have made. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had here because they will serve as an example for my daughters of what hard work and community can accomplish.