July 2020

Message from the Chair: July 2020

Lauren Clark Reuscher, Staff Senate. Photo by Evan Cantwell/Creative Services

Some people are proud of the fact that they can multitask. I’ve heard others criticize the concept, saying that you can never really focus on something if you are multitasking. Yet here I am, typing this message while my left foot operates my baby’s bouncy seat. We’re all finding creative ways to get our jobs done these days!

I want to take a moment to recognize the recent efforts of your Staff Senators. (I can do this from a somewhat objective place, as I was out on maternity leave from March through early June.) Over the past few months, your Staff Senators held a number of virtual sessions and created opportunities for dialogue between staff and the administration. These virtual sessions usually had around 300 attendees, which shows the important part they have played in keeping staff connected throughout the university.

I’m equally excited to see the nominations submitted for the Staff Senate election, happening this month. This spirit of activism changes our community for the better. Be sure to vote in the Staff Senate election, taking place July 13–24.

This all occurs during a very important time at Mason. We are so pleased to welcome our new president, Dr. Gregory Washington. The Staff Senate had the opportunity to join a virtual meet-and-greet with President Washington last week. We look forward to working with Dr. Washington as he leads us into the next chapter of Mason’s story.

A reminder that we value and appreciate your feedback—be sure to share your questions and comments with us by contacting a senator directly or using our contact form.

Take care and be safe,

Lauren Clark Reuscher
Chair, Staff Senate