March 2019

Pint-Sized Patriot Winners

Ava. Photo submitted by her mom, Christina Frasson, Information Technology Services

The Mason Staff Senate celebrated Homecoming Week by publishing a collection of photos on our Facebook page. Classified staff and non-student wage employees submitted photos of their spirited kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews. The photo that received the most likes by Monday, March 4, was selected to be featured in our newsletter. We are delighted to share our winner and runner-up!  

Congratulations to Ava for winning our Pint-Sized Patriots contest by receiving the most likes on her photo! Ava “rattled” the hearts of our fans, as evident by the over 80 likes her photo received!   

Ava is currently nine months old, her favorite color is blue, and her favorite food is applesauce. Her favorite activities include: riding in her firetruck, crawling up the stairs, dancing, pulling all of her books off the shelf, and playing with her grandparents, uncles, and aunt. She likes kicking her soccer ball so much that she wants to be a professional soccer player when she grows up. Her favorite sports team is D.C. United, U.S. Soccer, and of course, the Mason Patriots!    

Ava’s photo was submitted by her mom, Christina Frasson, videoconference technology specialist, Enterprise Collaboration, Information Technology Services. 


Charlie (Charlotte). Photo submitted by her mom, Nikki Ouellette, School of Business, and her dad, Michael Ouellette, Mason Athletics.

Charlie (Charlotte) was voted our runner up for receiving over 50 likes on her picture! Those cheeks were just too cute not to like!  

Charlie is now 17 months old. She does not have a favorite color yet, but green and gold do suit her well! She loves swimming and going to the park, and her favorite food is blueberries. Charlie’s favorite sports teams are the Mason Patriots and Clemson Tigers. Charlie is an aspiring pilot, based on her love of airplanes.

Charlie’s photo was submitted by her mom, Nikki Ouellette, associate director of advancement and alumni relations in the School of Business, and her dad, Michael Ouellette, academic coordinator for Mason Athletics.