August 2015

Senator Highlight: Dean Naldrett

Dean Naldrett, Staff Senate. Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University
Dean Naldrett, Assistant Youth Activities Instructor, Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center. Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University

George Mason is a wonderful place to learn, work, and live. Having been born in Northern Virginia, I have always felt that the university was a good choice for me, particularly because of the campus’ strong commitment to diversity. Mason boasts one of the most diverse populations for a university, which has afforded me the opportunity to learn a great deal about other cultures.

I joined the Staff Senate because I wanted to meet other Senators and learn more about how the university operates. A class I took in Human Resources Management sparked my interest in advocacy: a major part of being a Staff Senator.

My most rewarding experience as a Senator was reaching out to members of the community and sharing an appreciation for the bright future of George Mason. The university has big plans and big changes in mind, and it is very rewarding to be a part of the excitement and optimism.

I have served on two committees. I was first part of the Events Committee, and later I joined the Awards Committee, which helps to recognize staff members for their hard work and dedication. We owe a lot to the staff at Mason, and as member of the Awards Committee, I am proud to be a part of the celebrations!

When I finish my current degree program, I will have been a part of the George Mason Community for more than six years. I am currently pursuing a Master of Health Administration (M.H.A.) degree in the College of Health and Human Services, specializing in Executive Management. My professional interests have evolved over the years to include quality improvement, health care access, patient involvement, knowledge synthesis, and policy formulation and implementation.

In my spare time, I like to stay active, whether it be jogging down a wooded path, or hiking up a mountain; I am a man of adventure!

I would like to thank Amanda Meiklejohn, Dr. Martin Perlin, Dr. Virginia Blair, and Jerome Bozek, as well as countless others, for helping me connect to the community in my professional and educational journey.