March 2015

Senator Highlight: Joe Hinrichs

Joe Hinrichs, Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHS). Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University
Joe Hinrichs, Emergency Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety. Photo by Creative Services/George Mason University

Like many other staff members, I am a Mason alum. I completed both my bachelor’s and M.P.A. at Mason. Before returning to Mason to become a staff member in the Environmental Health and Safety Office, I worked in a similar capacity with the U.S. House of Representatives. I welcomed the opportunity to come back to the university and contribute to a growing emergency management program.

I joined the Staff Senate because I wanted to have a voice in high-level conversations at the university, and because I wanted to do good for my co-workers. I work across all three campuses, so I knew I would be in a position to reach out to a lot of staffers who might not otherwise speak up.

I value the opportunity to plant seeds in the minds of the guest speakers who present at our monthly Staff Senate meetings. This is a fantastic chance to share ideas and suggestions with university officials. I hope more Mason staff members come to these meetings in the future – your off-hand comment or well-framed question could make a big difference. Remember, those who speak up are heard.

I serve on the Education and Outreach Committee. One of our most noticeable responsibilities is the monthly Staff Senate Newsletter . . . which you might be reading at this very moment!  We use the newsletter to recognize the Employee of the Month and to highlight available benefits, services, and upcoming special events.

Outside of my time at Mason, I’ve taught rock climbing on the side for several years. I also love reading about and tinkering with new technologies, and I’m a sucker for an adventure.