April 2019

Summer Camps for Kids

Young kids at summer art camp
Mason Community Arts Academy

Mason Kids Club Summer Camp

From North America to Japan and everything in between! Register your rising first- through fourth-graders for the Child Development Center’s (CDC) exciting Mason Kids Club summer camp!

The theme this summer is “Around the World.” Campers will learn about various traditions, holidays, customs, literature, art, music, and language as they take a trip around the world. For more information and to register, visit the Mason Kids Club Page. If you have questions, email

Local Summer Camp List

Start planning your family’s summer now! To help employees with kids, Human Resources and Payroll has compiled a list of fun-filled summer camps and activities. The list is organized by area and links directly to the activity page.

If you have questions about a specific camp, please contact the camp directly.

Mason’s Summer Camps Website

Visit for a listing of summer camps offered right here at Mason. The website includes camps sponsored by Mason programs/departments, as well as external groups that host camps on a Mason campus. The site is updated regularly as more information becomes available.

Summer camps at Mason cover a wide variety of topics and activities, including academics, the arts, recreation, and sports. Questions about specific camps should be directed to the camp organizers, whose contact information is available on the website.

Mason departments hosting a summer camp or youth program should click here for requirements and details.