July 2021

Announcements from Human Resources & Payroll

CommonHealth Weekly Wellnotes
Looking for a way to get quick wellness tips without doing any extra work? Each week, we update the CommonHealth page on the HR & Payroll website with Weekly Wellnotes that provide quick wellness tips! These tips range from how to manage stress, delicious recipes, how to nurture your relationships, financial tips, ways to stay physically healthy, and more.

Visit the CommonHealth page on the HR & Payroll website each week for a new tip!

Strategies for the Sandwich Generation
July 27 at 12 p.m. ET

Double the care, double the love: the Sandwich Generation has the unique role of caring for children and parents at the same time. Join Bright Horizons for a webinar to dive into helpful strategies to care for them and for yourself. Register online.

Click the photo to access the Resilience Toolkit! Then, click directly on the links on the Resilience Toolkit to access these resources.

New Resilience Toolkit
Sometimes, we all feel overwhelmed and become unsure of how to deal with the stress in life. Building resilience can help us learn to handle the stress so we can bounce back and rediscover the energy needed to create positive solutions.

Press pause for a moment and press play on our new Resilience Toolkit. This toolkit is packed with resilience-building tools like a fun resilience music playlist, mental toughness webinars, asynchronous learning opportunities, short videos on stress, weekly wellness updates, and personalized programs at your fingertips.

DHRM Employee Experience Magazine
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the spring edition of the DHRM Employee Experience Magazine, here are a few highlights:

• Do you have a colleague who motivated others to maintain their health and wellness this year? Nominate them for the CommonHealth Wellness Champion Award
• If you have observed an employee (or group of employees) going above and beyond to help maintain operations, assist others, or ensure safety, you can recognize them by submitting to DHRM. This information will be posted to their website and social media.
• Have you found it challenging to recognize your co-workers while working remotely? Check out these tips for virtual employee recognition.

You are encouraged to take a few minutes to browse the magazine for more articles and tips to help you improve your engagement and well-being.