Exciting News from Parking & Transportation

Shuttle Pilot Program for Employees Traveling on I-95 – We need your help!

Good news! Mason Shuttles is starting a shuttle pilot program for employees who travel on I-95 to get to work. But we need your help to determine where to pick up passengers along the route. Please take this brief survey if you’re interested in this service:

A large portion of the I-95 freeway is under construction and traffic will only get worse. To help mitigate traffic, Fairfax County has generously offered to pay for 50% of the cost to run a shuttle for Mason employees who would normally have to drive on I-95 to get to work.

If you have any questions, please contact Marina at

Burke VRE Express Shuttle – Starts on Monday, September 23

On Monday, September 23, Mason Shuttles will start a new shuttle service between Burke VRE and the Sandy Creek bus stop. The new Burke VRE Express shuttle schedule will be posted online at  Ample free parking is available at the Burke VRE stop. Faculty and staff are encouraged to take the VRE train or drive to the Burke VRE train station and then hop onto the Burke VRE Express to get to campus!