May 2019

Flexible Summer @ Mason

Flexible Summer @ Mason is from May 26 to August 18, 2019!

During this time, supervisors are strongly encouraged to allow their faculty and staff to integrate flexible work opportunities into their schedules, if and when possible. While flexible work options are encouraged throughout the year, summer is a perfect time to make it happen!

To participate:

  • Visit for information about different types of flexible work opportunities
  • Fill out a Flexible Work Agreement and submit it to your supervisor for approval
  • Choose start and end dates that work for your team and are approved by your supervisor
  • Check the box next to “Telework/Telework Week/Summer Telework” and/or any other flexible work option you will be utilizing during the summer
  • Indicate in the comments box that you are submitting an agreement for Flexible Summer at Mason 2019

Please note: Those who participate in Flexible Summer @ Mason are doing so under the Flexible Work Policy, #2202. Additionally, the Commonwealth DHRM requires full-time state employees to work a full 40-hour work week.

If you have any questions, contact