August 2021

Human Resources and Payroll Announcements

Updates for Impact Awards and Departmental Monetary Awards

Reward and Recognition is updating its processes to follow Commonwealth of Virginia policy. Individual impact awards and departmental monetary awards will no longer be grossed up to cover the payroll taxes normally deducted from an employee’s paycheck so that the employee will receive the value of the award in the net pay. All monetary awards, regardless of the funding source, are subject to taxes in accordance with IRS regulations. 

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WW Commonwealth of Virginia Employee Offer

Have you wanted to join WW (Weight Watchers)? All employees, spouses, and adult dependents get an exclusive discount of 50% off the retail price of WW. Join now for as low as $8.48 per month. 

Sign up or learn more at the WW Commonwealth website.

New “My Team” Feature in Patriot Web

A new Patriot Web Employee Dashboard feature for supervisors became available on Aug. 2. This new supervisor functionality is called “My Team.”

The new My Team button can be found within the Patriot Web Employee Dashboard, next to “My Profile.”  With this new view, supervisors will see their direct reports and those employees’ direct reports. Additionally, supervisors will be able to view their direct reports’ work email addresses (not actual email correspondence) and telephone numbers. 

To use this new functionality: 

  1. Log in to the Employee Dashboard
  2. Once in the Employee Dashboard, you will see a button labeled “My Team”
  3. Click on the My Team icon to see your list of employees 

Webinar: Preparing for Back-to-School

As you start to prepare for the new school year after months of worries and unstructured learning, this Preparing for Back to School Bright Horizons workshop will help you learn how to make the most of learning with your child at home, optimize learning with play and unstructured time, and how to encourage social development. 

Register for one of the sessions on the flyer.

Faculty/Staff Book Scholarship Awardees Announced

Marie Calle, development coordinator with the College of Science, and Jacelyn Tyson, director of administration and budget with the Office of Communications and Marketing, have each been awarded Faculty/Staff Book Scholarships for the 2021–22 academic year. 

Both employees receive $250 to help pay for textbooks or other course materials while they pursue their degrees at Mason. The scholarship has been awarded since 2011 to help support Mason employees’ professional and personal development. Congratulations to Jacelyn and Marie!