April 2023

New System for Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosures

Mason is implementing a new electronic system for Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures. The new system, which will replace the homegrown COI disclosure system Mason has used since 2017, is an integrated module within the Research Administration Management Portal (RAMP) system suite. In addition to its integration with the RAMP Grants and Agreements modules, the RAMP COI system includes automated workflows for disclosure review and pre-approval requests, and it supports Outside Employment and Immediate Family disclosures as well as financial interest disclosures. By automating many COI processes, the new system will reduce redundant data input and delays due to the current manual processes, and will also streamline compliance and foster a culture of transparency. 

Go-Live for the RAMP COI system will be in early May 2023. Classified Staff and A/P Faculty can expect to receive an email notification in May about updating your RAMP COI Disclosure Profile. Your disclosure profile update will serve as your initial annual COI disclosure using the new system. For additional information on the COI project and the RAMP Suite implementation, visit