November 2016

Outstanding Supervisor Award Winners

Eileen Kennedy, 2016 Outstanding Supervisor Award winner
Eileen Kennedy, 2016 Outstanding Supervisor Award winner
John Kettlewell, 2016 Outstanding Supervisor Award winner
John Kettlewell, 2016 Outstanding Supervisor Award winner

The Staff Senate is pleased to announce the 2016 Outstanding Supervisor Award winners. Chosen from a competitive pool of nominees, the two winners exemplify outstanding leadership skills and embody the Mason spirit:

  • Eileen Kennedy, development director, Hylton Performing Arts Center, College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • John Kettlewell, director, technology support services, Information Technology Services

Eileen Kennedy is an encouraging, supportive, and exemplary supervisor. She sets standards for her staff about taking leave, taking advantage of Mason’s unique benefits, and encouraging work-life balance both in how she manages and by example. One of her nominators, Emily Robinson, appreciates that Eileen “encouraged and provided incentives for us to enroll in courses, not only those which would directly benefit our work, but also those which would provide a creative or physical outlet.”

Eileen also ensures that staff have the abilities and opportunities to grow and tackle both work and life. According to Jacqueline Connor, another of Eileen’s nominators, Eileen is “always encouraging staff to take advantage of professional education opportunities,” while also ensuring that “employees can work from home as needed to deal with life issues.”

Eileen welcomes ideas and suggestions from her staff to improve the way they accomplish their goals. Jacqueline Connor praises her for taking suggestions that are not traditionally utilized in fundraising, making their processes and events more successful. Emily Robinson goes on to say that Eileen’s management approach retains employees much longer than is typical in development work.

John Kettlewell leads his staff by example, encouraging the sharing of ideas and working together toward shared goals. John also urges his staff to take the time they need to achieve a harmonious work-life balance. One of his key methods is being a team-player, and inspiring others to do the same. When he finds a tool or an idea that is helpful to his organization, he shares that with other organizations. Many other offices, such as Auxiliary Enterprises, Fiscal Services, School of Business, and University Life have adopted some of the tools and ideas John’s team has implemented.

One of John’s nominators, Teresa Gibbons, says, “John encourages us to look past differences and to focus on the big picture to find solutions that will benefit our students, faculty, staff, and the entire university.” In addition to professional successes, John stresses the importance of work-life balance. Teresa states, “John makes it very clear that family is the most important thing, and that the Mason family understands that.” He insists that staff adjust their schedules and take the time off they need to deal with issues outside of work.

Eileen Kennedy and John Kettlewell will be formally recognized at Mason’s Outstanding Achievement Awards ceremony on November 3. Nicole Roth, Chair of the Staff Senate, will present these awards on behalf of the Staff Senate.

The Staff Senate would like to recognize all who were nominated for their outstanding contributions supervising Mason staff: 

  • Alka Rastogi, Internal Audit and Management Services
  • Lauren Hutt, Housing and Residence Life
  • Patrick Buchanan, Facilities Management/Energy Management
  • Crystal Clemons, Learning Space Design/CaLT/ITS
  • Misty Krell, School of Integrative Studies
  • Jerrelyn Madden, Student Health Services
  • Ann Ludwick, Schar School of Policy and Government
  • Renee Younes, Mason Enterprise Center, Fauquier
  • Paige Wolf, School of Business
  • Mike Lighthiser, Police and Public Safety
  • Raechel Timbers, University Career Services
  • Sharon L. Cullen, Office of the President
  • Darren Troxler, Office of Admissions
  • Susan Ridley, Psychology
  • Eric Woodall, Communications and Marketing
  • Pelin Kurtay, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Angela Detlev, Institutional Research
  • Deborah Keene, Law Library
  • Naomi Martinez-Jones, Disability Services
  • Lisa Shaw, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Amy Takayama-Perez, Office of Admissions
  • Lauren Wagner, Office of Admissions