October 2020

Human Resources and Payroll Announcements – Oct. 2020

Flu Shots Provided through Insurance

During the 2020-21 flu season, state health plan members may get a free flu shot at pharmacies participating in their health plan’s network. 

  • COVA Care, COVA HDHP, and COVA HealthAware members may receive shots at no cost from network physicians’ offices and other participating providers.
  • Kaiser Permanente HMO members must go to a participating Kaiser medical center. 
  • Optima Health members will receive flu shots at no cost from network-participating pharmacies. To find participating pharmacies, call the number on the back of your ID card.

Visit the DHRM flu shot website to find participating providers. It is important that plan members call ahead to be sure the pharmacy is participating in the program and flu shots are available. 

Virtual Performance Conversations Playlist

Access the new Virtual Performance Conversations Playlist for tools and resources supervisors and employees can use as they prepare for upcoming performance conversations.    

The playlist can be accessed through MasonLEAPS and LinkedIn Learning.

Updating Information in Patriot Web

Having correct and updated personal information in Patriot Web allows Human Resources and Payroll (HR) to communicate with you and your emergency contact, if needed.   

Please regularly update and/or ensure the following information is correct in Patriot Web: 

  • Email Addresses 
  • Phone Numbers
  • Street Addresses 
  • Emergency Contacts 
  • Chosen Name (Optional) 
  • Pronouns (Optional) 
  • Gender Identity (Optional) 

To update your information, log in to Patriot Web, select “Personal Information,” select “Personal Profile,” then select the pencil icon below the information you would like to edit. 

For updates to your legal name, ethnicity, and race, and for all associated questions, please contact HR at or 703-993-2600. 

Lactation Spaces and Safe Return to Campus

Mason is committed to supporting lactation and providing clean, healthy spaces, especially during COVID-19. Visit the HR parenting page for an updated list of lactation spaces and hours for fall 2020.   

The lactation rooms have been equipped with cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer dispensers, and rooms will be cleaned on a regular basis. Please follow current health and safety protocols by practicing proper personal hygiene, wiping down surfaces before and after use, and wearing a mask while using a lactation space.   

Questions? Contact 

Mason Families Share

Members of the Mason community recently participated in the Patriot Families Helping Families Brainstorm Session. From this robust session, families shared their greatest family-centered hurdles during the global pandemic. Our Human Resources and Payroll (HR) facilitators listened and gathered the top four issues Mason families are facing. Who knows better about how to handle these difficult issues than other families?

To offer a positive and productive space for sharing ideas, HR is hosting a collaboration called “Mason Families Share.” This collaboration offers a focused and safe place for Mason families to share what’s working.

How This Collaboration Works

This collaboration only works if Mason families join in and share their solutions! Here’s how:

  1. Each week, via Instant HR and Twitter, HR will release a Solution Share Prompt that is based on one of the top four issues Mason families are facing.
  2. Members of the Mason community are encouraged to share their solutions to this Solution Share Prompt posting their solution on Twitter with the hashtag #MasonFamsShare or emailing If you email your solution, HR will post the emailed solutions on Twitter with the same hashtag.
  3. Then, Mason families will be able to see and engage with others’ solutions by searching the hashtag #MasonFamsShare on Twitter.