April 2019

Best Practices for Webex Meetings

Image result for cisco webexThe Staff Senate has recently started using Webex Meetings to allow participants to join our General Meetings from any location. Staff members can listen to and participate in meetings from their own office, while teleworking, or wherever life takes them!

Our goal is to make the work of Staff Senate more accessible to all staff members, no matter where they are located.

Webex is a powerful tool that can connect your team, save travel time between campuses, and allow greater flexibility in the workplace.

Below are some helpful tips for Webex Meetings. Use them to join Staff Senate meetings or to facilitate successful videoconferencing meetings of your own.

Common Questions about Webex Meetings:

How do I . . .

Join a meeting?

Connect my audio?

Share content and interact with participants?

Important Tips:

  1. Mute your audio unless you are going to speak
  2. Connect a few minutes early
  3. Use the chat feature to ask questions, or use the “raise your hand” feature to be called on to ask your question verbally

For questions or additional guidance, contact Collaborative Video Technologies at 703-993-5580 or