April 2021

Title IX: Reporting

George Mason University Policy 1202: Sexual Gender-Based Misconduct and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence

Reporting Process
Anyone can submit a report to the Title IX Coordinator.

Prohibited Conduct can include:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Dating/Domestic Violence
  • Stalking
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Complicity
  • Retaliation

Complete Reporting Form
The Reporting Form will prompt you with questions in order to provide necessary information to the Title IX Coordinator.

Report Reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator

The report is reviewed by the Title IX Coordinator in order to:

  • Determine if incident involves possible sexual and interpersonal misconduct
  • Assess level of threat to involved parties and/or community, and evaluate immediate safety needs
  • Collaborate with other offices on a need-to-know basis to initiate safety measures

Outreach from Title IX 

The Title IX Coordinator will email the individual named as the Complainant in the report to provide information including:

  • The formal and informal Title IX processes and possible safety measures
  • An invitation to meet with the Title IX Coordinator to discuss rights and options
  • Resources on/off campus

Meeting with the Title IX Coordinator
If the individual decides to meet with the Title IX Coordinator

  • Formal or Informal Title IX process
  • Right to contact law enforcement
  • Supportive measures
  • Resources on/off campus

Supportive Measures 
Individuals can work with the Title IX Coordinator to determine appropriate supportive measures.

Supportive measures may include:

  • No Contact Order
  • Housing changes
  • Academic support
  • Work schedule changes
  • Safety planning
  • Referrals to resources

GMU’s Title IX Coordinator
Angela Nastase, JD

Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics
373 Aquia Building
Fairfax Campus
Title IX Website

For more information: GMU Policy 1202