December 2017

Watch, Stream, Kick Back, and Listen with Mason Libraries

Shake off the stress of finals with a good book, a classic movie, or some relaxing music:

  • Watch Oscar-winning independent films, Twilight Samurai, and The Scent of Green Papaya, in our New World Cinema database, which includes 200 full-length feature films and award-winning short films.
  • Stream arthouse favorites, Donnie Darko and 56 Up, or enjoy one of the many other foreign, classic or feature films available on Kanopy.
  • Kick back with one of the 700 recent and non-fiction books housed in Mason Libraries’ Recommended Reads collection in the Gateway Library (located in the Johnson Center), or consider joining the Mason Libraries Book Club.
  • Listen to the blues music of Muddy Waters or folks songs by Bob Dylan , all featured in Music Online: American Music or put on classic Mozart symphony, or holiday music from a dozen countries around the world along with 44,000 tracks of blues, jazz, gospel, ragtime, spiritual, spoken word, and more, available in Music Online: Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries.

These resources are available 24/7 for free to all Mason faculty, students, and staff.

For more information or to find other fun library resources, try browsing our A-Z list of online resources or contact one of our subject specialists.

Contact LeighAnn Skeen at with questions